Sitting on an old jetty, at the end of a tempting beach and a stone’s throw from the sea, the seafood taverna “Thalassaki” turns flavors into true works of art. The deep Aegean blue color from the tables of Thalassaki is one which will stay imbedded in your memory, long after you’ve left…


Owner and Head Chef Antonia Zarpa prepares seafood in deliciously creative fashion. Inspired by the colors and shapes of Greek tradition, she cooks with her soul and transfers her good vibes to you through her food. The majoirty of the ingredients used – chickpeas, artichokes, tomatoes, beef, fish, cheese, honey, wine – are locally sourced from Tinos with love.


Mouthwatering, ambrosiac dishes: local cheese topped with bee pollen, white lemon-infused taramosalata, tirokafteri topped with raisins & coffee beans, octopus baked in grape molasses, mussels with wine & fennel, seafood pasta infused with lemon & butter, grilled calamari with oven-baked potatoes & vegetables. For desert, you may have kaimaki ice cream with Turkish delight, meringue with vanilla ice cream, orange slices and walnuts, or chocolate sponge.


There are many reasons to fall in love with Thalassaki: the food, the wine, the flabbergasting view and the sound of the sea waves right next to you. Not to mention the colors and beautiful feelings the landscape will evoke. Also, the last few years it has become a favorite haunt for Greek actors, singers and journalists. So there is the cosmopolitan element you thought you were missing.


“Thalassaki’s legend is built around the prime location, ourselves as owners & chefs and the undoubted quality of food that we offer. Thalassaki signifies our love to share food”, Antonia Zarpa says.


No more words needed.


Simply a must.