Seeking that special Greek island with gorgeous landscapes, serene beaches,  azure waters, a deep history of art in ceramics & pottery, and the ultimate gastronomic experience?  Then look no further than Sifnos island.

Located on the western side of the Cyclades, Sifnos is renowned by both Greeks & foreigners as the tastiest Greek island. Its flourishing gastronomic scene owes its reputation to Sifnian Chef Nikolaos Tselementes who re-invented Greek gastronomy in the early 1900s.


Owing largely to its recent (and well deserved) repuation as the ‘Gsatronimic Capital’ of the Cyclades, is the delicatable Fishbar Omega 3, specializing in oustanding & inventive Greek flavors with a modern twist, and always using locally sourced fish and produce.  The chef will own serve what is in season, therefore the menu does change throughout the spring and summer season.


Located on Platy Yialos (a family friendly beach scattered with other delicious eateries), this is where you can sit back and sip on a glass of wine from an impressive wine list, just wearing your bathing suit and looking onto the gentle waves as you munch on various plates the Omega 3 prepares with so much love.

Amuse your bouche with calamari, sprinkled with fresh Cambodian green peppercorns, grilled tentacles with a traditional olive oil-lemon reduction.

Other stars of the  menu have included semi-cured amberjack fish in seaweed salt & semi-dried smoked tomatoes, as well as Greek blue crab ceviche with cactus fruit foam & purslane and their famous smoked chickpea purée,  with pollen & wild flowers.  


To name just a few…

“Fish and seafood is the common denominator in this kitchen-lab experimenting with old and new, Sifnian and Greek goods under global inspiration”, says Chef patron of Omega3, Giorgos Samoilis. He defines creativity as “not imitating others” and stands by it.


Omega 3 restaurant is an absolute must when visiting Sifnos – just make sure to get that reservation in beforehand during peak season, as its no longer a secret that this is one of the best places to eat in the Cyclades…!


Plan a trip to Sifnos, and  you can decide for yourself.


Get in touch and we’ll create your bespoke itinerary or help you select a gorgeous private villa, so you can explore all the flavors the island has to offer.